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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Aug 2, 2013 1:14 PM Flag


    This B... S... is getting SOOOO OLD... What a Frocking Joke. Economy this economy that Stimulus this that and the other. All of it does not matter for SQUAT. Its VERY SIMPLE... We have been seeing RECORD SALES OF SILVER For MULTIPLE MONTHS NOW And WITH NO LET UP... The WORLD is using MORE silver then ever before and in multiple ways and more uses coming every year for the product.

    As the world continues to multiply this will only add to the strain on silver. Not only the supply but the cost in which to mine. That along with the debt bubble and the worlds printing press continuing to fight with each other as to who"s currency should be weakest . This will one day cause Silver to go BOOM .. So simply keep Stacking and Hoarding and be glad you did.

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    • Silver is a limited resource as is gold, oil, copper, etc...I don't think the worlds population is shrinking? Large, former 3rd world countries are just beginning to embrace capitalism, consumerism, investing. There will be some ups and downs in the resources market, but there is no doubt demand will increase. (Also increased money supply, but thats another conversation) Buy all the way down, wherever that may be. In 5 or 10 years, you'll be wishing you bought now.

    • There was an oversupply of silver in 2012 with industrial and investment demand going lower, thus the cause for lower prices.
      Your point, industrial and investment demand are higher in 2013 and for the foreseeable future.
      It does defy logic that metals have not surged in the midst of record spending, debt, and easing.
      When silver corrects, it will not be able to be stopped.

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      • An analogy I see is that to oil.
        Oil went from $40 to $10 in 1998.
        Then oil went to $147 in 2008, then to $30 in 2009.
        Now back to $107 + -.
        The point the lows were irrationale (way too low) and did not stay for long. Oil did not.
        We'll never see those lows again. The same will happen to silver.
        At some point, the average investor will realize that silver is a commodity of diminishing supply and should be purchased aggressively.

      • Yes and with more and more SERIOUS Stackers coming in its only going to get worse. You see not everyone out there is a dumb dumb and people are starting to wake up and realize what truly has REAL VALUE And what is getting Counterfeited and Printed up to NO END with ZERO Backing.

        Stocks Continue to be NAKED SOLD / Counterfeit. More and more people are waking up to this SCAM and realize like I did that if you truly want your HARD EARNED Money to be safe you need to invest in Land / Hard assets like gold and silver and Self Businesses. Thats it. Stock market should be avoided at all costs . If you want to gamble go to the casino's .

        I wouldn't give a broke 1 cent in which to use against me ever again. The power in Numbers is what is going to put an end to all this Corruption. That and them continuing on the path of no return.

        Keep spreading the word and Enjoy for as long as you can to stack under 50 dollars.

      • Yes it does defy logic. I know one day Silver investors will be rewarded. I just wonder how the price can stay down sub $22 and now sub $20 for so long. I expected much higher prices to have kicked in by now. After todays report to struggle to get to $20 is mindboggling. I am putting negative questioning aside and buying more right now.

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