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  • commonsenseonly1 commonsenseonly1 Aug 21, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    Where in the world do some of you

    come up with your posts. Silver is going up! Silver is going down!
    Bashers and pumpers waste so much time and space here ad nauseum.

    Silver will do one of two things: go up or down

    Please try to post something informative. Opinions here have proven
    absolutely worthless. Facts, articles, prayers, etc.
    Anything of value. My ignore list is really long.

    Best to all
    common (who reads the board and becomes frustrated at the baloney)

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    • Agree. Big time pump and dump board. Topics are very limited.

    • LOL Yeah, My ignore button has been replaced several times from over use. I can give you fact. Premiums are up. Apmex as of right now has a total of 168 monster box coins for sale. Most I have seen in a while. SLV Short info is at its lowest I have seen in a long while as well. Dropped to 13 mil shares.

      My Gut says we will see one more attempt to drop the price down but this might be more wishful thinking then a gut feeling.

      Myself . I still Strongly suggest that all buy the real metal and real metal only. Printing of all world currencies wont stop. They might try or even stop for a small while as to appease certain people but it won't last. The printing will continue and eventually the world will grow tired of the dollar and stop using it. One of the other currencies will try to gain control. The only way will be for them to back up their currencies with REAL VALUE like Gold and Silver. Which counties do you see buying like crazy ?

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