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  • chestterrorist chestterrorist Sep 9, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    The war with Syria MUST happen to deflect attention from the current economic and fiscal disaster that the US now finds itselves in.......

    So, I suspect that an American naval vessel will be sunk very soon in the Medditeranean, Red sea or the Persian gulf. There are way too many high tech naval vessels and aircraft from about 7 different countries gathering in these 3 bodies of water right now. Technology is too quick, and anything can and will happen when you have this much military power concentrating in such a small area under such tense conditions. It will be very difficult to confirm quickly where a missile or a torpedo is fired from, and difficult to know who fired the shot. I suspect the American ship will be sunk by either an Israeli, Iranian, British or Russian submarine in that order of likely hood. An accidental sinking of a major warship (American or other) in these waters is very possible and should not be dismissed. Stuff happens. .An airborne attack from Israel is also a possibility that should not be dismissed. Most likely the Russians will not try to sink an American warship unless the Tomahawks start flying. I'm leaning strongly toward an Israeli attack. However, we will probably never know for sure who pulls off the attack. I feel the next 2 -3 weeks is probably the most likely time for such an attack to occur. After then, I think the dangers of an attack on a US naval vessel will lessen very substantially. This week will be very critical. Remember what happened on Sept. 11 2001? Obama may welcome such an attack on a ship to get his war going, because I don't think the US congress will authorize a war against Syria at this time. They will need an excuse to retaliate against somebody. About 2 weeks ago a senior Russian official stated: "in the Middle East the United States is acting like a monkey with a hand grenade". Watch how the Obama administration responds to any peace overtures or solutions from Russia. During this next 3 week time period the higher the tension between the US and Russia, the more likely an attack will occur on a US warship, deliberate or otherwise.

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