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  • jkwelli jkwelli Nov 1, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

    Waiting on my 100oz from kitco Hope they dont renig cause I bought at 40!

    Who posted that? 2 years ago on Sep 2, 2011 12:15 PM


    Clue. The same person said they never bought above $20.

    The same person called people idiots repeatedly for not buying at $43.

    The same idiot said the US was going to crash soon. Guess soon is longer than 2 years. LOL!!!!

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    • Boy are you a clueless wonder!
      100 ounces at 40 is what big money to you?lmao
      100 ounces at 4$ is not big money either or pounds or anything other than 1000's of ounces!
      Wake me up when you know what real money is there sport
      I lost millions on 100 ounces whew I am broke now and forever to never recover!lmao
      The thing is it was MY money and not yours as you are calling people stupid for buying silver at all!
      Well let me clue you in my gold and silver purchases since 1985 and some b4 that time is worth well more than my purchases at 30's-40's!
      Do I care I bought at higher prices not hardly!
      Should I care?
      Some people never grow up and some never do anything because they are scarred like you!

    • There is only 1 anagram for jkwelli. It is an evil one for the evil individual that hides behind it.
      donates evil. Beware all.

      • 2 Replies to livestrong1003
      • may it be jkwelli who takes a boxcar ride... his kill moniker threatens an entire ethnic group and now wants to hide behind the ACLU.

        Sorta the pot calling the kettle black. huh?

        He is an antagonist as most of his element are. Don't bother with the P*us-s,y.

      • Wow! Evil, huh?

        Remember you once threatened to kill me on yahoo message board?
        I did't swear or threatenn you physically. If you take up the same habits again, I may report you this time to authorities.

        How many ids do you have again? You must be scarey looney.

        Clearly the most evil people are the ones that advocate hate and hide.

        God will be happy to see that you call one of his subjects evil..
        Feel free to once again physically threaten me and then call me evil.

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