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  • scubamaniac scubamaniac Nov 20, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    This wave 4 can very easily be a symmetrical triangle!!!

    Silver is gonna move sideways(typical of wave 4's) until march 2014 when qe will be tapered then it will fall sharply to mid-teens.That's the way it is guys.The positive thing is that afterwards it will rise parabolically again because the moment that qe is tapered the higher the treasury yields and mortgage rates will go which as a result lead to more deliquencies on home and student loans,more foreclosures,more unemployment,a u.s. downgrade and last but not least an all out depreciation of the dollar. Stagflation would be the world of the day.After that hyperinflation will come in full swing and civil unrest will be the order of the day.Wait and see.

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    • Interest rates are likely to remain low as a mandate of the Federal Reserve. This can last until 2015-2016.
      They intend to lower their unemployment target below 6.5% in today's minutes. The Federal Reserve will ensure ample liquidity.
      It is unlikely that a sharp drop to the mid-teens will occur. Demand is too high while silver is more difficult to mine.
      It is unwise to give such a global perspective from 1 interpretation of a silver chart.

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      • It doesnt matter whether the fed keeps fed rates low or not.As long as he stops clearing the balance sheets of banks from their toxic debts we would have another financial collapse.Besides that the fed is lending money to the treasury through banks(ponzi scheme) to finance health,military,infrasfructure etc.When they stop doing so the market would interpret that as the prelude of austerity measures like those imposed on the piigs countries in europe.They have to stop the qe ultimately because the national debt is beyond everyones comprehension and credit rating agencies are not gonna stay there watching it going higher without taking actions.China knows that the u.s. agenda is to export inflation.The us is paying its debt to creditors through inflation but that game is gonna end sooner or later because although china is still dependent on the us for its exports its home consumption is getting larger everyday and when they get self sufficient they will pull the trigger and stop lending more money to the us.That would be the end of the usd as a reserve currency and that would be the moment that pm rise parabolically.

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