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  • scubadivermaniac scubadivermaniac Dec 24, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    Always pay attention to the 10 year notes!!

    Everything revolves around the 10 year note.Lot of money is parked into treasury bonds.The past 5yrs Wall street has always been convinced that a substantial part of that money one day is gonna end up into the stock market which consequently will continue to propel it to the upside but according to my analysis its all wishful thinking because it is not into the stock markets that it is gonna end up but into commodities.It is strange I know because a drop in stock market creates deflationary pressures on PM but this time things are gonna be differant.Many investors are gonna opt for treasuries when stock market collapses on the pretence that u.s. is never going to default on its debt thanks to further accommoditative easing.Other traders on the contrary will play it safe and they will opt for the commodities as an alternative to paper money.This will lead to an appreciation in us dollar and a rise in commodities.It is strange I know because usually these move contrary to each other but that is what I am envisioning.

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    • Not likely. Silver was cut in half to $10 or so in 2009 last time the doom and gloom crowd said commodities would be a safe haven.

      Of course, "this time" is always different.

      Ironic that on one hand people say US is printing money that will cause hyper inflation yet say, like yourself, that people will rush to buy treasuries for their safe haven status. Wow!

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