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  • agphysical901 agphysical901 Mar 8, 2014 7:38 PM Flag

    How can The US compete possibly against China or Russia?

    While Russia and China can produce their fifth generation fighter jets with less than half the cost as of the price the each fighter jet we are producing, in certain case, their fighter jets can fly farther and can pack more punches than the US's equivalent ones?

    While their CEOs' salary is less than 100 times the wages of their engineers, our CEOs in one year is bring home an amount equal to 10,000 or more the salary of an engineer. Former GE CEO Welch, in certain years, his one year salary and benefit was more than 250 millions (2500 times GE engineer salary).

    While China and Russia use their natianal resources for their country and their citizens, the US is wasting trillions upon trillions on "Wars of Choice/Convenience" killing million innocents. While US kids go to school hungry and go to bed with half-full stomach, US leaders have been squandering zillion dollars on BS wars, hence creating more enemies.

    While US parents have to pay for their kids education, US government has been wasting zillions on more wars.

    Our media networks have been making fun of the facts that Putin spent 50 billions for Sochi Olympic. Yet, the same cheerleaders have been cheering while US wasting zillions on killing innocent peoples.

    Can someone tell me any reason how we could possibly compete against China and Russia?

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    • We cant thus the overseas jobs that we use to have are now there!
      Its also why our debt is going into the stratosphere!
      Oh well!

    • The US has roughly 7 times the GDP per capita than China and 4 times of Russia, and thus the equivalent higher standard of living. US is best, by far.

      The US competes in a global environment as do all countries. China is catching up, as the US is adjusting to continual social change.

      The US is a wasteful country as a whole, but the US is far ahead of every other country on earth despite of its obvious waste. Corruption in China and Russia are comparable or even worse.

      I'd far rather live in the US than China or Russia. America is best.

    • "While US kids go to school hungry and go to bed with half-full stomach"

      Oh dear! where to start?

      How about a bit of history? Do you know why there are very few domesticated cats in either Russia or China? It's because during the communist regimes in those countries, between the years of 1917-1991, the poor peasants of the rural villages were forced to eat them all to survive! It appears that trying to plan crops from a central authority is less than optimal.

      The lucky ones managed to subsidize there nutrition with local pet populations. The rest, some 30-50 million between the two nations, simply died of starvation and government sponsored murder. WHAT PARADISE!

      Forgive me if I fail to sympathize with the child of a welfare dependent American crackhead, who has to get by on just a morning twinkie instead of a well balanced breakfast!

      I know it's cool be be a counter culture commie when your in high school, but you're all grown up now. ACT LIKE IT!


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