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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Mar 19, 2014 9:58 PM Flag


    WOW What a Commitment … As soon as Next spring… Thats Frocking a YEAR AWAY… LOL A lot can and will happen in a year…. Not to mention all the COWS can't even remember what happened 3 months ago…..WE ARE SOOOO FROCKED… Yes Keep spitting out the BS pipe dreams .. Until we are as #$%$ said it best.. PROPER FROCKED…. Err What happens to the Rabbit if the Dog catches him.. ERRR… That is exactly just how stupid most people are… I have to say I laughed so hard when that IDIOT asked that question….

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    • Bernanke had originally said that the Fed intends to keep interests low through 2015. In light of that, Yellen's comments are a hedge that an increase might come earlier.
      As long as the economy slowly and weirdly continues to improve, they have a little wiggle room to raise short term rates. It will be more of symbolic gesture, I would think with the current debt load. I don't think that they are counting on a robust economy with the participation rate continuing to drop.
      I think the Fed is happy with the progress that has been made. At some point, reality will hit. It may take some time.

    • the_real_chinarockets the_real_chinarockets Mar 19, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

      its time you shut up
      seriously sir, you add nothing and are ALWAYS WRONG

      markets going parobolic
      record debt
      record printing
      metals crashed

      hello!!!! anyone home?

      you really are an idiot
      sorry to be a #$%$ k
      but jesus are you EVER RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING???????

      I know all and SILVER RANCID

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      • "ps:
        I know all and SILVER RANCID"


        "hello!!!! anyone home?"

        APPARENTLY YOU ARE NOT! heheheheheh!


      • LMFAO… What am I wrong about DOUCHE BAG ? Have I made even one prediction ? I can care less how long they play this STUPID GAME… Hell the longer they play it the better it is for me… I am still waiting for your DUMB Prediction of 8 dollar silver ERRRR … Come Christmas ERRRR.. Silver is Rancid ERRR , I know all ERRR… You are as Dumb as dumb can be…. We are the Elite ERRRR.. Frocking GROW UP… The only thing I strongly suggest is EVERYONE Boycott this BS Elite Market…. Way to much TEFT And LOOP HOLES and more times then ever has this administration proven time and time again they don't care for the little guy and allow Brokers and bankers Frock over the little guy and do what ever they want to do with little to no penalties for them…

        BUY REAL SILVER AND GOLD ONLY… And continue to take away from what is and eventually will lead to extreme shortage … This will put an end to your paper game . So enjoy your jerk off circle for as long as you can.

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