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  • fmctaggart fmctaggart Aug 7, 2007 10:16 AM Flag

    Todays run

    Well, the good PR is certainly part of it, but it's more than hype. Each MacDonald's outlet is spending only $600 or so, as I understand it, and that figure could jump upward if the project is successful. Also it's likely that every big food chain in the country will be looking to match what MacDonald's has done. All of that is worth several million dollars' worth of PR and advertising. To capitalize on it, of course, ELON's products must measure up to their promise.

    The kind of buying we're seeing, however, does not seem to me based on good PR alone. Someone is making big purchases for some reason, and that tells me that now is a time for small fry to stay out of the way until the smoke clears.

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    • the earthquake is happening. major gorilla company in the making.

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      • 10 years ago I shared your enthusiast for your same reasons
        (As soon as I learned that they were on the stock market I bought)
        The fundamental, potential, growth, name it are still the same now and then
        (they still have a technological marvel then and now)
        but this company has not found a way of making good money yet like ( Cisco, Microsoft, Google etc..)
        This company has yet to make money, lots of money and so far ( for many years) they have not done so

        All the ingredients have been there for the last 10 years but they are still struggling to make money
        And unless they do so
        the market will be merciless exactly like it did before when they hit above $100.00
        These days the stock price increase is based on the same hype as before
        They only difference now is that more people are aware of how good Echelon technology is and more people are conscious of the environment
        The balance sheet is worse than a few years ago, the technology is more spread
        But were are the sales and where are the profits in the end that is what matters

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