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  • daytraderrdude daytraderrdude Jul 11, 2011 9:35 AM Flag

    PECO selects Telvent's smart grid Solution

    doesn't telvent use ELON NES?

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    • This should drive northstarz crazy as we connect more dots. As much as he whines, I have to agree that at some point these dots we connect need to create a line to increased revenue and profitability.

    • All the verticals that Echelon is focused on are ready to integrate into PECO's future smart grid. And Echelon can be involved on the component, sub-system or system level. Obviously for PECO this is down the line, but for ENEL, Smart Grid 2.0 starts now...

      Smart Grid 1.0

      "Enel’s smart grid project includes multi-tiered tariffs for TOU pricing, integrated pre-pay, integrated meter disconnects in every residential meter, support for in-home displays, support for water and gas metering, theft detection, power quality measurements, and metering at the distribution transformer (theft detection, phase

      Smart Grid 2.0 – What’s Next?

      Almost 10 years later, we’ve now moved beyond two-way communications and remote meter reading towards the smart grid 2.0. The smart grid 2.0 puts intelligence and communications in devices throughout the grid from distribution equipment (meters, transformers, capacitor banks, etc.) to commercial electrical devices (chillers, boilers, air handlers, lighting, etc.) and home appliances like electric water heaters, air conditioners, and rooftop solar arrays. These “smart” devices can now become a part of the grid, able to interact in real-time to changing conditions on the grid. The smart grid 2.0 uses the grid network and the devices connected to it as a communicating, intelligent system for the delivery of additional services and increased operation efficiency, such as demand response programs. Another significant benefit of the smart grid 2.0 is asset management. Because of this network infrastructure approach to the smart grid, utilities can see all equipment and how the power lines interconnect that equipment to monitor the health of the systems in real time.";%20Smart%20Grid%202dot0.pdf

      You do know that ENEL uses Telvent's DMS smart grid solution...

      "Enel used Telvent DMS to provide a visual, mathematical model of its distribution network, including detailed models for voltage management, micro-generation, frequency variation, DR, and other smart grid management data. The utility now has more accurate data and a system that can predict the impact of power outages, generation, and voltage variation."

    • SF, if you were to guess, what product or products would Echelon be able to sell to PECO as part of their smart grid upgrade? Let's rule out meters.

    • I didn't say Echelon meters were going to be used in place of Sensus, L+G and Elster. I highlighted how Telvent supports OSGP, and that OSGP is the underlying PLATFORM for the smart grid and allows for interoperability of disparate smart grid DEVICES. That's DEVICES not meters. In other words, OSGP=NES=SmartGrid_OS which does not necessarily equal NES meters. However, even if Echelon isn't selling meters, all of their products inherently interoperate with an OSGP smart grid PLATFORM because that technology was developed by Echelon and published as an open standard by Echelon and ESNA. Some of those products are Smart Servers, lonworks building automation, ISO 14908 renewables, eia709 smart streetlights, ECN's, Control Point Modules, COS, Neurons, LNS, NES meters, electric vehicles, telemedicine, LON appliances...Therefore the more OSGP smart grid installations the bigger the market for Echelon products.

      Telvent has publicly stated they support OSGP and they are also a member of ESNA. Here is what ESNA does:

      "Energy Services Network Association (ESNA) is an independent global, not-for-profit association under Dutch law. Members are utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators sharing a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems. The association promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and related services and infrastructure, based on Networked Energy Services (NES), together with the value-added applications for secure, reliable and cost-effective automatic meter management, smart grid management, billing, CRM, CIS and other applications."

      Read how complex the smart grid is and how ESNA members are utilities, software, hardware and services providers and solution integrators sharing a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid, smart metering...with the value-added applications for secure, reliable and cost-effective automatic meter management, smart grid management, billing, CRM, CIS and other applications. It isn't about smart meters, per say, it is about all devices PLUS billing, CRM, etc. etc. So when Telvent is installing their smart grid solution, I believe it means OSGP which Telvent has used as the underlying platform to build all sorts of "third party apps" in order to distinguish their product from the competition. This is also what Ferranti did with MECOMS, what EnergyICT did (and was later bought by ELSTER), why Convergys partnered with Echelon, why IBM also supports OSGP, etc., etc.

      And finally here is Telvent's PECO pr: "PECO Selects Telvent’s Smart Grid Solutions to Optimize Electrical Grid. Telvent’s industry-leading technology will help improve current network reliability and set the stage for future smart grid initiatives" What other standard besides OSGP does Telvent support that will help PECO "set the stage" for their future smart grid?

    • I agree a TLVT deal does not necessarily mean a ELON deal. The TLVT Titanium Metering Solution uses NES but TLVT has other components to its smart grid solutions. TLVT doesn't need to sell all its solutions to a potential customer. If they already have the metering part set they dont need the Titanium (NES) solution.

      Hopefully they do pickup some ECoS.

    • The meters may not be Echelon, but I wonder if ECoS is involved.

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      • Finland’s largest electric utility, Fortum Oyj has chosen Spanish IT company Telvent to design, develop, and implement the largest advanced metering project in Finland. Beginning in 2011, Telvent will deliver its Smart Metering Management System (SMM) using its Smart Metering Titanium integrated with Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES). The Echelon system includes integrated smart meters accessible via Web-based network operating system. Telvent is a value-added reseller for Echelon Corp., a smart meter company based in San Jose, California.

    • PECO meters are Sensus, Elster and L+G meters.

      # On July 9, 2010 PECO offered letters of intent to the following AMI communications vendor and meter vendors. PECO and these organizations are now negotiating final contracts.

      * Communications Vendor: Sensus, a manufacturer of electric, natural gas and water meters and meter communications systems and software.
      * The project includes all of the equipment and services required to provide a two-way communications network throughout the PECO service territory.
      o Meter Vendors: Sensus, Elster and Landis and Gyr will provide the first 600,000 Smart Meters to be installed for PECO customers.

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