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  • captain_whistle_britches captain_whistle_britches May 17, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    Caution Must Be Maintained*

    With all the posts from the scared few about elon being down, and of course those that have lost big time and continue to post how others are idiots and don't know anything. Rejoice. we are up 1c.
    let the good times roll.

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    • captain_whistle_britches captain_whistle_britches May 17, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

      elon is holding around 3-fity. is that the low and we need to pump more money into this pos?
      it is better than buying at 30+ as some have. And this is 1/10 that price. good investment or not?
      oh, management hasn't shown any interest in the company in years. if they will not invest, why should others? that is the question. does management think this company will succeed? APPAERENTLY not. are they just sitting and waiting for their free options? don't see any signed contracts. did they lose their pens and so they can't sign? what in the world are they doing?
      i know; they are drafting long and extensive pr to be posted on the web for all to see how forward thinking and aggressive they are in this industry. how sales will be over the top and everyone will want to buy this like the fools who are buying facebook. should be interesting.
      just more gibberish from a poor elon loser.
      what i say is true, unless it is not.

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