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  • scion5 scion5 Jun 8, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    blackrock filing..

    down below 5%..4.89% now...shares of ELON

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    • Contrary to what many individual investors believe, the lower a stock goes, the less attractive it becomes. Echelon was a more appealing investment at $10 when it appeared they were about to sign significant deals. They are now closing in on $3 because none of those deals has taken place, and the excuse that it's the global economy no longer flies. I'm not buying here and I still won't be buying no matter how low it goes. I may be a buyer AFTER they announce a contract, but I will read every word of it very carefully. This particular management team has a tendency to over hype deals. The only thing that matters is how much revenue the contract will generate, and if the company refuses to furnish that information in any PR, that's a big, red flag.

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      • John,

        Do you remember the things I said to you years ago? I will use this opportunity and remind you about one piece of advise: if ELON gets a contract... DUMP ALL YOUR SHARES AND MOVE AHEAD! Because it will be your last chance to get out at a good price. Actually you should have done this, when ELON was over $10...

        Kind regards

    • They must be thrilled over at Blackrock, with this one.

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