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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Feb 1, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Stock down the report must not be that good?

    OK I am lazy and have not listened to the report as I prefer to read it once it is out but given the stock sell off it must not be good or at least seen as less than hoped for.

    When you figure those returns on this investment over the years factor in the tax write offs you also received to get a total return figure.

    I have some Canadian Trust which unlike CHKR and PER (both return above a 12% dividend today) which have a limited life Canadian Trust are really no more than oil co. which pay higher dividends and have an no limit to their business model. PGH is one that has been really knocked down in share price and now pays a 10% dividend and I just doubled my postion in that stock as I think the dividend is safe now at these levels and the upside could be a lot better with the price of the stock going up if the Co. grows as expected. CHKR and PER will trade within a range of a couple of bucks a year depending on the rice of oil and NG and production and the dividend should be "safe" as it is today for a while anyway so I am holding both of holdings in CHKR and PER but when and if I sell It will be to buy more Canadian Trust. You do pay a foreign tax which you do not fully recover from US tax write off depending on how many shares you hold of course that does reduce the actual dividend by the tax amount so be aware of that and you have the foreign tax credit work sheet nighmare if you do your own taxes but life is never easy. Best of luck to you all.

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    • There is no report yet; tomorrow AM and followed by CC at 8;30AM. I expect same div as last Q, .63, mabye a penny or two up or down. Then, the SP was about 20. It went down because of fear about Mclendon, and more recently because PER div went down 2 cents. Ridiculous! I think a div cut is baked in. McLendon is goneSP should recover soon unless there is a big cut. I bought more when it hit 18. So, I really believe I am right. Tomorrow will tell the tale. I am not trying to get anyone to buy now; just saying what I think; I can be wrong!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hate to break it to you, but those Canadian companies have not been trusts for a couple of years now. They ARE oil companies (corporations) and most have been cutting their dividends every 18 months or so.
      Also note that WCS (Western Canada Select) oil price is below $60, so some Canadian producers are being squeezed on both oil prices and NG prices.

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      • you are correct that PGH and other OLD TRUST are no longer Trust as Canada changed its tax structure. However my point remains the same that the Old trust are still maintaining a higher dividend yield than any US oil company or at least any I have found. You point that they have been cutting dividends is correct as well but I do not think that is to line up with lower paying US Corps as the reality of the oil business in Canada which you pointed as well.

        I still think if your looking for a co. to put into your trust that will pay good dividends and have growth potential several of the old Canadian Trust would be a bet than CHKR or PER of which I own shares in both. I think they are a good limited investment for a limited time but they are limited.

      • On the positive side...good thing these properties aren't in Canada!

    • I don't think there was a report today....just the announcement of the report for next week. I don't know why it's down, unless it's in sympathy re SD's trusts that are crashing.

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