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  • iamtoddicus iamtoddicus Mar 22, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    Just my two cents.....

    I have taken a huge hit. Didn't see the Wednesday dump until 11:00 AM. Yeah, I started to panic, but didn;t bail (it was too late). Here's my thinking....after 2 quarters of even threshold divies, people tend to forget and look at the info on Yahoo or Google snapshot. If threshold is met for the next few divie dates, CHKR will slowly creep back up. Funny how Brown dumped his shares and THEN made his SA post a few days later.. Wonder if he got back in after the fall. ...I'm no stock pro. I'm just an old guy who bought CLF at $19 a few years back when the experts said to dump, and held to sell at $88. It happens. Part of the game.

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    • Bought 10k shares after the dump and had been looking to get in so i'll continue to collect the divvy and wait for it to get back to 20 level sometime this year. Seeking Alpha writers are paid by shorts who collect a tidy sum for the stock to drop 25%. They create the hysteria and then move on to other stocks to do the same thing. They're lowlife and deserve no credit for accurate information. No more worthy than a tip on a racehorse at the track. How often does that tip workout. I suspect next week this will work its way back up to the 17 level before next earnings call or higher. Those fat divvies are good to collect when the stock goes down. I heard Warren Buffet say the same a few weeks ago.

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    • Iam......If it was written by seeking alpha bet your cookies there was a motive......that's why I am here after the dump. Now lets make some money!!!

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