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Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust Message Board

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 10, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    SA article

    It almost seems like SA is trying really hard to make up for the first SA article that came out which caused a crash in the price of CHK shares. For me I say thanks to SA for the first article because I bought more shares at the lower price. I think this article is clear in all areas of the risk/reward part of being a CHKR holder or other oil turst for that matter.

    Today Oil is above 90 and ng is above 4 fast forward 5 years 10 years and ask yourself where will the price be? The value of the dollar has a play in this answer, as does the world eco and of course the supply of oil and the availabilty of other sources of engery. Risk? you bet. But even if we end up right where we are today in prices the article I think shows the real value of this trust. Lots can change good or bad but if the world eco crashes oil trust is not the only stock that will hit the tank. I like the bet on same or a little better.
    What is fair value of this trust? To me closer to 18 than 13 good bet even at 15 and that is what the article was saying. Good luck to all gamblers out there.

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