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  • grgsvll grgsvll May 28, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    well this what you expected post dividend??

    seems to be acting like a stock with a huge "posted" dividend. that is a pretty big one day move. so far I would say that getting in last week, I was lucky. I really do not have enough data on what is going on here to make such a decision or know what is going on. I like nat. gas, I like high dividend paying stocks, I like the trends of both. But what do I know. sometimes its better to be lucky than

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    • Why don't you wait until it gets back to the pre-div level before declaring victory. The stock is down almost 3 points since that time. First, there could be many reasons for the snap-back. Also note that both SDT and PER were up today and both of those seem to have stabilized. Second, nat gas was down again today (1 cent on the futures) and at $4.17 it hardly seems to be moving up every day like you seem to think. Third, the market has been up for 20 Tuesdays in a row as that is the day when the Fed buys Treasuries and MBS. The next dividend on CHKR is a long way away so I sincerely doubt that is the reason for today's increase.

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      • good points....I see I am getting thumbs down as well....ouch. No, I am not a big investor type and quite frankly don't know squat about the details of this stock. I do know oil and gas...but out in the field as it were. I would rather buy interests in wells directly, but got enough of those. Yeah, think you are right, think I will lay back a bit....who friggin knows what goes on behind closed doors. I don't trust many people handling my money, other than myself. See ya in 3 months.

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