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  • beltv beltv Jul 10, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    Residual Value

    Does anyone know if the residual value to be sold at 20 years simply covers these particular wells drilled and being drilled. Or, does it also cover the lease acreage underlying these wells?? As such, the potential value of possible additional formations could be in play in 20 years. Yes!! I know!! Who has a clue about technology and formations in 20 years. BUT, if there is upside or NO upside from that, the question is reasonable to ask?? I would think it would be based on the lease??? Tell me if I'm wrong.

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    • fair question - first place to look would be in the prospectus S-1 on the SEC website

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      • Liza, I asked this after spending over an hour (more like two) on SEC.Gov Maybe I just don't do legalize as well as I thought. Though, I'm no amateur on that!!! Looked at the early S-1 and final 424B4 filed 11/14/11, and a couple in between. I still can't seem to get the answer. Maybe I'm missing something??? Or, simply can't cut through the language?? Thus the reason for the question.

        In the Logan County Mississippi play, they are maybe looking at the Woodford shale to be a whole additional play with additional wells. Devon and Osage (Slawson) are drilling a few Woodfords. (Maybe other operators??) Don't think that is proved out yet, but there is talk. Might help explain the reason for my question. (And I get the hint they are looking at another zone?????) But, you know "oil" talk!!

        Thanks for your help!!

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