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  • snowcats41 snowcats41 Sep 18, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    Px bull *(&*( company

    Do not buy this pos, no way px going no where, just ripping off investors, coming from a person that has had px for 20 years, do not buy this pos for any reason

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    • I have owned this stock, (and reinvested the dividends), since it's inception and, if you look at the lifetime chart it has gone from a few bucks to over 120. I have made enough on this stock alone to be comfortable for the rest of my life. It is one of the true under-the-radar great companies with a great future worldwide. It has outperformed all other stocks in my portfolio and I imagine it will continue to do so. The entire world needs their products.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • PX bull * (&( company is so right lousy div, very poor board, some of the dumbest people on this planet, and the F&&%^%#$%$management is so poor , they could not spell Praxair no company would let their stock get this high, and not split it long ago, DO NOT BUY THIS POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yup u got it shark man. Rich kid who cud never play nice in the sandbox......

    • So u own this"piece of #$%$ for over 20 yrs" and advise "do not buy" snowbrain go to the school library and see how we'll this company has done . I got my shares for FREE when union carbide spun it off when u didn't know a stock from a teddy bear. Ask your teacher to show u how to measure stk returns etc. last post u had me down for 47 shares and time before for 42 . Add a few zero's and that's what I got for free. If the teacher has time she will explain that DOW took over UnionCarbide and I got a ton of that also. If u want to look at some good high schools in a few yrs I will send my driver over to help. Hahahahahahahahah

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      • Bearboy time to set you out to pasture I guess after all the great div it has paid you, boy just hard to think what you could buy, there a many guys like you that post all the time how many shares they own and guess what, there living in some mobile home, with 5 dogs and a lot of bills they never will pay and the their own ss& food stamps , and I bet YOU ARE ONE OF THEM,

      • I am in the same boat you are and I reinvest all my PX dividends. It is now my largest holding and will be in my estate when I die. It's products are essential to the world's manufacturing sector and they do it best.

        Sentiment: Buy

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