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  • balognahead_baloneyhead balognahead_baloneyhead Nov 20, 2011 10:25 PM Flag

    So what's the problem?

    So what's the best performer in your 401k, Dollar?

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    • Here are my bond fund choices:
      1 yr. avg. tot. returns:

      BlackRock US Debt Index Fund Class K = 4.98
      PIMCO Total Return Inst CL = 1.29
      Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities = 8.91
      Managed Income Portfolio (Stable Value Fund) = 1.34

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      • I misread your returns. YOu have some nice choices.
        Blackrock is definately a good fund company and I have my grandsons 429 plan in the Vanguard Inflation Protected fund until the mkt settles. When it does, I'll still keep some in that fund because I feel inflation is going to climb.

        Big Ben doesn't seem to want to admit it climbed, but everyone seems to notice the difference when they go food shoopping.

        Since your bonds seem to be good, I'm really curious to see what your target fund returns are.

      • My 1 yr returns are:

        Stable Value: 2.85
        PTTRX: 1.29
        VBTIX: 5.07

        The SV and PTTRX are as of 10/31
        Did you look at your target/freedom funds? Vanguard is our administrator, and their target funds from 2005 to 2020 are 1 Yr. returns of 5.04 to 6.05.

        Until the government grows up and the mkt settles, I think these funds are a good place to park my money.

        What are your 1 yr. returns for yours?
        I can't believe your SV has a negative return.

    • If you're talking about is VBTIX which is the Vanguard Total Bond index fund and the target funds from 2005-2020.

      1 Yr is sm/mid cap growth, Total Bond index Fund and target funds up to 2020.

      5 yr both bond funds, PIMCO and total bond(PTTRX) did better, and target funds again.

      So, I'm keeping 30% in PTTRX and the rest in Fixed until the political fiasco is finished and the mkt. settles. Then it will be time to purchase the equity funds again.

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