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  • uncletizz uncletizz Dec 9, 2011 8:10 PM Flag

    Ouch!! Pimpslapped for 4 Cents

    LMFAO!!!!! That's 1 months' dividend down that rathole.

    Thank you Billy Bob.

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    • Up again JERK!!

    • Hey jerk, we're 2 cent up today! You are the biggest blabber mouth I ever heard of! Go back under your rock.

    • Booby Boob is back at again. He can't seem to get it in his thick skull that a dividend and a change in NAV are two entirely diferent things. Hey Boob where were you when PTTRX climbed from 10.73 to 10.88 [looks to me like your the one that got pimpslapped on that one].

      WE are still ahead of the first of the year for NAV and I've got nearly $150.000 in dividends to boot. I've watched your posts long enough to know you are always there on the downside but you disappear on the climbs. Just why that is points to an obvious bias that can only be explained like maybe you are just a former disgruntled employee - give it up and find a job that pays you for whatever talent you may have.

      Sounds like you are nothing but bad news and sour grapes. By the way how's those hot dogs grilling on your Weber, Jr. sitting on that concrete slab outside your studio apartment in East LA?

      LMFAO SUPER BIG TIME on this one. You are a complete idiot. But I may trade out next week for 7-10 days and take advantage of some irrational exhuberance. Like take some profits maybe in the DJA 12,500-12,700 range. C-Ya

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