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  • Any thoughts on what QE 3 might have in the short term? The Fed, I thought would avoid this during the presidential race, but with lagging jobs numbers, I feel they will be forced to move forward.

    Our economy is so stagnate right now we must push it a little to try move it off the dime.

    Your thoughts??

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    • QE has not done what it was advertised to do, nor will QE3. All the liquidity injected in the economy has only helped the folks with capital to invest in the markets. It has not created jobs or economic expansion. Home interest rates can go to zero, if the banks aren't lending what good has it done, other than continue to finance the nation debt with istoric low rates. Bernanke first and second concern is the S&P, not jobs. His concept of the wealth effect has not worked for the 85% of reqular folks other than drive up food and and energy cost. Don't ever lose sight of the fact that he is a banker first...I say no more QE, let Wall Street stand on its own for a change.

      Sentiment: Hold

10.35Aug 23 6:45 PMEDT