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  • vexatious2001 vexatious2001 Jun 24, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Gonna be another bad day...

    ....for PTTRX. 10yr yield way up, price way down. After almost (2) months of this, I have had enough. I have placed the order to sell all PTTRX. Of course, I will have to take today's loss, which will bring my total PTTRX losses to about 1/2% (0.05) of my portfolio. Not a big loss, but big enough. A year ago, Gross was reportedly "shorting" treasuries (which he denied). Around the first of May, he reportedly said that the 30 year bond bull market ended April 29. I took that as a sign that, if he was not shorting treasuries, he at least was very short duration. Apparently not. I will stay in cash at least until the stock market drops significantly. And if I have to I will stay in cash long-term, years if necessary. Of course, with interest rates rising, cash is starting to look better. By the way, the smartest move I made in the 401K was roundly critized on this forum over a year ago. but for 18 months now a (small) portion has been earning a steady 4.25% Too bad a lot of that went out the door over the past (2) months, but with the losses stopped after today at least things will be going in the right direction.

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