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  • kamihamster kamihamster Aug 26, 2013 8:07 PM Flag


    is there a board-other than yahoo-that you post on? or a twitter account? It's hard to find good people to follow on the internet these days. i dont want to miss your calls on when to build rafts.

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    • Follow the ACRX board. They have hit so many biotech winners in the past year it is staggering. TSRX, INO, ACRX, RMTI just to name a few. It is generally free of B.S also which is a bonus.

    • I may need to get hooked up to Twitter. Have to make time to do it. I have kind of liked being hidden a bit while I made my rafts, didn't know I was really doing as well until I looked at my account values. Whew, I am having a blessed last two years with SNTS, TSRX, payouts in progress. Some of the rough cuts are getting a shine on like RMTI, ACRX has been good. I have a tiny PRAN and TTPH positions (2000 shr each) that are paying out now. I bought USLV as a hedge for 5.60 a month or so ago and it is now over 10. It is a 3X bull silver fund. If silver (SLV) rises 10% this fund rises 30%. I got it when silver (SLV) was 19-20 and now it is 23 and my fund went from $5's to 10's. Oh well I mainly do small pharma / bios. I got some ZLCS recently they have Phase 2 trial results due this Fall.

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      • congrats kitty on USLV. saw the price this morning and remembered you having it... wish i had listened. god is good to you.

      • twitter is alright. there's no way to organize it but i've found it to be useful. i used to use it just for investing but then i started following come celebrities.

        I found you on the TSRX board and have followed you here and DRTX. we both had RMTI in common. I was thinking of getting into silver but bio/pharm is where i feel most at home. ZLCS looks scary to me. I was looking at ACRX when it ran up to 12 but has since then fallen back down to 10 (was in the 9s just a few days ago)... i might get into that if i can free up some money.

        anywho thanks for sharing your info! people like you are far and few. if you end up on twitter post your username here. or add me ptanabe84 if you want to keep it secret.