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  • savetheexclamationpoints savetheexclamationpoints Nov 9, 2010 11:03 AM Flag

    The Dum Dum Effect


    I guess it was inevitable. When our multi aliased nit wit showed up to talk HES down, you knew a big move was coming. True to form, the little fella had barely typed out "no way it hits $66" when the share price jumped right into the 70's. You'll never go broke betting against this guy. Just look for blatantly misspelled words and lots of !!!!!!!!!! and ???????????? and you'll know you've arrived at the right moron's posts.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • And here's DumDum's updated alias list....

      despiteit, despiteit1, despiteit2, willietyler, effortisalaw, willdohard, candohard, bountyhunterforperverts, onesmallstepk, needahero, onemoreroundk, prenticemulford, mindwillfollow, doneiswonk, bepositivek, uncertaink, shermanacts, positivespin, awiserperspective, govbradfordd, stepistep, ruthgilbert, whobutyou, goodsideofit, onemustdo, mustact, makersofthemselves, tatumalvin, mindisfriend, kblessyou, makegoodfromit, scoreandsoar, justonemoree, regarlessx, morrisgoodmann, halfxfull, cocreator, onedailyk, wisethoughtsk, onedayk, habitdoing, will2now, overcomersk, frueda62, eugeneperry, thumblessxx, ssaveyourself, brighttside, silverliningk, mindfactoryk, repeatoffendort, bfthou, focusedx, heretodayy, runforone, eatthefrogk, willpowerto, goldthought, champion10x, atbatnow, criticalbattle, criticalfactor, getupnowc, replacetho, ididit10, ididitdes, ikinyarose, helpfulhabit, ppmatino, betheherok, oneetoday, hitonet, makeapearl

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