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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 8, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

    Obama Speech

    "Obama is expected to push for an end to tax subsidies and loopholes for oil companies in tonight's jobs speech. He may also announce plans for more job creation in the energy production and storage sectors."

    That stance tells me Obama gets it when it comes to large oil companies.Did I just say that? WOW! These large companies have unlimited resources in cash flow to have think tanks and departments to cultivate new eneryg sources but are not interested in doing so. Destroying your country, land and water sources is acceptable by product for their wealth.

    The energy storage sector is small relatively comparing it to BIG OIL. Energy Storage sector needs a gentle push and nudge, which Obama is doing. This is almost forcing Big Oil to say, "hey you don't have to leave oil completely we are trying, see natural gas". We are not interested in being ransomed to one product mainly for energy by a select dozen or two Big Oil firms.

    Big Oil does what is best for them not what is best for the planet, EVER! Alternative energy is spawned for the reason of bettering mankind in general and saving the planet in the cliche' form "for the children". Big Oil wants to put cigarettes in your childrens cribs and mouth.

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