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  • investor952 investor952 Dec 2, 2009 1:01 AM Flag

    I sold BPL today...this is why...


    I am looking at stock data that I subcribe for...

    I see

    1. BPL's annual dividend has been $3.70/shr,

    2. BPL's annual EPS has been $3.44/shr AND...

    3. BPL's cash flow per share has been
    only $2.57/shr.

    Where does BPL get the money to pay its dividend...since both eps and cash flow appear insufficient?

    I don't know...

    so I sold and replaced with KGS.

    Any comments?

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    • Still holding....and lovin' it.

    • investor952,

      You are a clown. Go do some due dilligence. At least we don't have to hear you complain anymore about that dumb newsletter that you blamed your losses on...

    • MLP's typically distribute more than net income... if they're not, then one can make the claim, that the MLP is short changing the unit holder, such as the one that y'all have decided to go with, since selling y'all's BPL units... distributable cash flow is net income, plus depreciation, plus amortization, minus maintenance capex (and not growth capex), minus cash flow to the general partner... Buckeye's latest quarter shows a total of 59,900,000 distributable cash flow, or $1.16 per unit... the distribution of .925 per unit, thus more than enough cash flow to pay each unitholder...

      if i were y'all, i'd demand my subscription fee back, a.s.a.p... have a nice day...

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