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  • winbagger winbagger Jan 8, 2001 12:30 PM Flag

    ISRL analysis follies


    In your post you state
    "The managment is just starting and beginning to
    become shareholder friendly". Can you explain that
    statement? I don't see any change in management's treatment
    of the shareholders. I still feel that they are
    treating us like garbage.

    No one seems to be
    considering in their financial anlysis of Isramco the
    behavior of management. There's no point in looking at the
    financials when in the past Isramco has siphoned off all
    positive cash flow into dubious and suspicious deals, with
    an apparent attempt to enrich a small group of
    insiders. It seems this behavior is still going on. That
    may be why none of the big brokerage houses will
    touch this stock with a ten foot pole.

    comments anyone?

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    • and who is trading blocks.

    • Isrmaco can't do a buyback since it will defeat
      the purpose of their existance-to give Israeli oil
      operations international ownership. They therefore need
      their non-Israeli shareholders. And there seems to be
      litle likelihood of a dividend, since that gives the
      managers less money to play with, which they seem to
      regard as their own, not the minority stockholders. So,
      if you're looking to make money on this stock, the
      only way is to wait for it to appreciate on
      speculation if and when some broker puts into play.

    • The float is 1.2 million shares.There are 885+
      shareholders.How many shares can they buyback? A periodic stock
      dividend may make more sense.The stock is already thinly
      traded,less stock in the float will only compound the
      problem.Who will trade a stock,that in essence doesn't?

    • a lot of sense with cash being higher than stock price. Cash and securities being almost double of stock price and then buyback will make earnings leap along with good prices for natural gas.

    • Again there is no float on this. Managements goal
      is to have western ownership. (i.e. partnering with
      BG, U.S. citizens owning stock, incorporation in

      Previous posts on this board show this
      company's purpose is to make it a "Western" company. This
      way Arab/Egyptian interests will not attack these
      "western" companies for fear of reprisals from the west.

    • buying the shares at below cash at current low
      prices with the managment owning a lot of stock will
      enentually pay off handsomely because the managment after
      talking to them realizes the shares are ridiculously
      cheap. They know this.

      • 1 Reply to cubicgas
      • Which is why I increased my position last year.
        This company is assuredly selling at a discount. Nice
        to see we have 2 institutions involed now also.
        (Merril Lynch and AXA )

        Institutional interest.
        (15 mil market cap)
        AXA Financial, Inc. 19,600
        Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. 1,681 $11,557

        Their positions represent 1% of the float These are
        token interests for these companies since they have
        interests with BG and other ISRAMCO related partnerships
        (see previous posts).

        The whole point is
        spending money on investor relations is pointless in this
        company. Their goal is to foster the privatization of
        Israeli Gas interests. Bottom line is these folks will
        make themselves rich only when the national interests
        of Israel is secured.

        I'm in long term
        because this will yield someday. Right now it is not in
        best interests of Israel or it's people to relinquesh
        control of this company to 3rd parties. So do not expect
        a short term big gain.

    • Management doesn't care about stockholder
      treatment. This company is 51% held by the inner management
      circle. In this type of company it doesn't matter what
      stock holders think. The question is do you believe the
      management of this company will one day deliver a big prize
      by selling company or offering a cash

      I for one believe this company will never be sold
      (Israeli national interests come ahead of windfall
      profits). After the company issues the big dividend the
      primary owners will probably release a portion of their
      stock on the open market to increase the float. Until
      that day you will never see the upside of 10. That day
      will come but it's 5 to 10 years down the road. The
      privatization of Israeli oil industry is in it's infancy. Look
      into recent deal with striking oil workers concerned
      about their future to see what I mean.

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