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  • emi_1114 emi_1114 Mar 6, 2002 1:53 PM Flag

    Chaney is bad choice....

    I can't even ask why they made this decision, but I can make an intelligent guess why. I'll leave it at that.

    I like the guy, he's a class act, but he is not the guy for the job, I'm sorry but he has not demonstrated to be an effective coach with these set of guys. The playres are like kids, where you have to police them to death and motivate them everynight to do a good job.

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    • Yes, I agree. I don't see Chaney turning this team around even though they beat the BUcks the other night. I think Chaney comes cheap and he doesn't challenge Layden and Dolan. I believe these are the reasons. Knicks will be bad for awhile. Dolan is running the Knicks like he runs his business, down to the ground. As long as he continues to hire personal lackies and not someone capable of doing the job,CVC and the Knicks will suffer.

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      • Knicks could not go out and get a high profile coach now b/c they don't have great players and have little flexibility due to their cap position to compete. Chaney will hold for and slog through next season, after that, as cap room open up and the Knicks can begin rebuilding in earnest, look for them to bring in a more high profile coahc, perhaps maybe even Vangone again.

      • if you read The NY Times today (sports pages) you'll see how the CVC spokesman thinks CVC has a better product than satellite due to local content and customer service. The quote is hysterical and shows how out of touch this management team is. Sure, I'll take News 12 and no Yankees on my cable system - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
        Direc TV (and DISH when the finish negotiating the agreement) will be the only providers for the majority of Yankee games in the New York suburbs, yet that customer service and News 12 will keep subscribers from getting a dish. It's laughable... If they don't sign the Yanks, expect wholesale defections to satellite - not to worry, you'll still have News 12. HAHAHAHAHA

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