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  • cfg2112 cfg2112 Apr 15, 1999 6:00 PM Flag

    nasty person

    Stocks dont't move straight up, they go up &
    down! Does anyone remember about 2 months ago we were
    at $70 and then it dumped to $60? Well we went on a
    rally from there to a new high. This is a BUYING
    OPPORTUNITY! There was no news or heavy unusual volume, the
    weak were shaken out & gave up their shares. In 2
    weeks we will back at $80!

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    • with you. Somehow someone who listens to Howard Stern lacks crediability. Long term investor myself and expect this stock to do well in 99 and 00.

    • When I listen to Stern in the morning, I
      frequntly hear him ranting about how much CVC sucks. I
      always wondered how bad Cablevision could possibly be to
      warrant such constant abuse. Well I have just moved into
      an area that is served by Cablevision and I am
      finding out the hard way what Stern has been talking
      about for years. In all the time that he has been
      ripping into CVC things have remained abismally the same.
      It sure looks like I'll be getting a satellite
      system and kicking Cablevision out the door ( and I'll
      be damned if I set foot into that rip off store The
      Wiz for my dish ). I am not alone in the way I feel
      about this shit company, many of my neighbors have the
      same venom and already own dishs.

      customers as enemies does not add to the bottom line. Its
      incredible that this company's shares have gained value. I
      guarentee you that there are very few Cablevision customers
      that are shareholders, because they have first hand
      experienc on how pathetically this company is run.

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