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  • litemanq litemanq Apr 16, 1999 9:59 AM Flag

    CVC up up and away

    CVC and other competent cable networks stock
    should continue to rise for at least the next 6-12
    months. There is no potential telephone solution to the
    bandwith availability that cable offers . Cable modems are
    just the start. A whole new line of services over
    broadband are on the horizon.

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    • Splits May 14...5th largest cable co.

    • I would not be surprised. I also have a feeling they are planing to spin off into two co's??? Greg

    • I work for cvc split coming

    • Right now any rivalry between DSL and Cable for
      is strictly smoke, mirrors and marketing hoopla.
      Overall demand will allow for both technologies to
      flourish short term. The truth will be down the road as
      reliability and technological viability are proven out. Its
      one thing to run networks when demand is high and
      margins are good. When competition steps up and
      subscribers are offered choice...then you will see the true
      Right now Bells must be a little leary of cannibalizing
      the cash cow called T1 lines. They make great money
      on these and DSL will put a crimp in
      Also... Can T, TWX, maybe CMCSK afford to let an "apple"
      ripen in the tree, when all of the other "pickers" want
      more fruit?
      T... you've got Armstrong, Hindery,
      Malone, maybe Hostetter... will a Dolan fit?
      you've got Levin...entertainment conglomerate... NYC and
      all the jewels... nice fit.
      See CMCSK, UMG.... as
      that deal goes so does @home and RoadRunner IMHO

    • I'm glad we agree on some of this. T & CVC are
      one of the reasons I've continued to hold, though I
      don't think they'll pull the trigger anytime soon (as
      long as many people "think" they will this drives them
      to put some money on the table and bet long) . TWX
      comes at it from a differnt angle and I've never
      thought they'd get closer with CVC. They can put their
      energy into other things 1st, like getting ATHM &
      R'runner settled etc.

      Another question on the
      horizon is what will DSL to to this industry from the
      netcentric perspective. Pull a little steam out of the cable
      as king of broadband camp? (co-exist IMHO)

    • CVC is great , the feeling here is that they will
      sell off the cable systems and reap the cash and take
      it to the broadcast and entertainment world where
      Dolan is still an innovative thinker.

      This is
      the hidden jewel , if Cox paid almost 6k per sub for
      media general what is cvc worth. Whole lot , Gabelli
      knows what he's talking about. Stock could take off

    • have heard that cvc will soon announce news w/ athm...

      anyone else heard this? big trade at 4pm yesterday says somethings up.

    • lots of rumours in cablevision about the selling
      of the cable part of the company. Dolan is going to
      start to concentrate on others areas of the
      entertainment biz, was recently offered large sum of $ for some
      of the cable channels he currently owns. People
      start to buy! Buy ! Buy! Tell a friend and let's all go
      for a ride straight to the

    • Anyone catch that large purchase of 23,000+
      shares the last five minutes of trading? If Comcast ups
      their bid for Media One that just brings our value up
      even more! Somethings Up, any comments? Go

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