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  • FAUSTO234 FAUSTO234 Jun 15, 1999 11:10 AM Flag

    cvc twx rumor

    I just heard twx is looking hard at cvc for a buyout

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    • Bilost,

      Thanks for the information on
      the connecticut system Are those phone line numbers
      for residential or for commercial. From what I
      understand the commercial launch in CT happened close to 2
      years ago. When will we hear some sales, revenue or any
      success numbers in relation to that launch. How many
      sales personnel are out on the street, how is the
      backlog and how is the response from customers.

      1000 lines of what have been sold. Are you speaking
      directly from the residential side.

      Unlike the LI
      system there is true competition in the CT market and
      has been for years. I think we need to find out how
      CVC is holding up against the competition. Lets not
      forget that telephony services IE. VOICE, DATA and
      INTERNET, was supposed to be the future, how about we find
      out how the future is doing. I have heard some things
      but would like to hear from you.

    • Its good to here some stats from the inside of
      things .
      I think the company could improve on the pr
      front. Instead of not hearing anything from them about
      new services, they should continually overexagerate
      every move or launch they make. Why not the strategy
      has worked so far for Cisco and some others.

      Cablevision in Massachusetts sucks , almost every media one
      town has high speed access and digital tiers . I dont
      believe any CVC sites offer either , not too good
      considering they franchise like 50 towns including Boston.

    • Richard only cares about public access because he
      works in that field. I can understand his concern, I
      really do. But frankly, I don't care....Public Access
      does not make me money, but my 120% return to date on
      CVC lines my pocketbook. Hell, I live in a CVC
      community and refuse to buy cable service due to the high
      pricing. But, I'll make money off the idiots....Heck, I
      don't smoke but Philip Morris stock has been very good
      to me.

      My $0.02

    • Helpfull informatons;
      I can talk for
      conneticut system It is running very well.
      Phone is up
      and running in Norwalk for testing, so far so
      allready have close to 1000 lines. PC on line is
      residential only
      DO not support business or home base
      business.Problem on that possibly @ home problem not a technical
      side.Waiting time for service call video part is same day or
      next part is useally same day,pc on line it
      should not be 2 weeks it is unexpectable.about
      complaints 1994 1997 because they lunch the new produckt
      system was upgraded from 450mhz to 750mhz channel line
      up was changed, added 50 more channells ,call valume
      should be up in call centers .That was exeptable at that
      time . Now avarege waiting time is 30 seconds in call
      centers.Possibly lunching digital service 2nd quarters of your mind it is not going to be analog system
      100-120 ch capacity .It will be
      800-1000 ch,e
      mail,shopping is good place to invest your money.

    • Thanks for the info!
      You are right on the Marx :)

    • You should check your facts first.

      I don't know if Albergo's Uncle works for Cablevision. But the name would be John Tatta not Charlie Tatta.

    • I finally found a site that has tons of info.
      They have a section called "STOCK PICKS FROM ALL OVER THE NET" .
      Check it out at "STOCKVOTES . COM"
      Happy trading .

    • I would think that complaints being up over 50%
      is insignificant fact considering they built a new
      system in the bronx/brooklyn NY that serves 500k subs
      and passes probably 5 million people. When you build
      or rebuild your customer service volume going up 50%
      is probably near normal.

      What is the point
      of your slams , do you care about the stock or are
      you just here to rank on cvc ?

    • According to the State of New York.

      Cablevisions consumer complaints are up OVER 50%, between 1994
      and 1997, wonder what it is NOW? <compared to
      previous years>

      Check the

      Facts provided by the NY State Public Service

    • But they asked the wrong guy.
      They should have asked her uncle Charlie Tatta!

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