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  • Haf48 Haf48 Jun 13, 2003 8:20 PM Flag

    You turd fucks!!

    Have any of you assholes ever been in a dialysis unit. It's like a fuckin prison. If I had my choice I would learn to do my own dialysis. Take a look at that piece of shit dialysis machine that Gambro has. God what a fucking mess!! That company is taking a bath on their new machine. I would not want to risk my life on that piece of shit and the quality of staff that those fucking places hire. Nothing but fat ignorant bitches working there. But hey I don't know any better so what can I say. This is the biggest fucking welfare state that exist today. These companies treat their employees like shit and I thought slavery ended years ago. Go visit a clinic and then see what I'm saying. I would buy this fucking machine myself so that I could be sure to get good care. And the government doesn't give a shit either. A bunch of bureacrats supervising prisoners. Think about it.
    This company will go places because they have a machine that actually works and is simple. Also there are several big contracts lurking in the background. Mark my words you fucking idiots.

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