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  • vegscott vegscott Dec 13, 2005 11:57 AM Flag


    Why not phase down to SmallCap Market? It has a maintenance requirement for stockholder equity of only $2.5 million. When the only issue is price <$1, that criterion is waived for transfer to SmallCap Market. I don't know why AKYS didn't mention this possibility to assuage delisting fears. I've a call into Larry Birch. Will post when I hear his response. Does anyone else familiar with listing requirements have a comment?

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    • The point has been made that Durus has violated law by their procurement of stock over the legal limit. Whether or not this can be accountable for the contained price and volume movement remains to be proven in court but definately has tainted the playing field that this company and stock has had to contend with. I would say since the SEC is going after Durus again to relinguish their holdings, seems clear that this stock has been fraudulently manipulated. To want to hold Durus accountable for this is the just and right thing to do. Now whether there has been any complicity on the part of Aksys management in relation to their running of the company at the expense of stockholders and their trust and value in the company is another concern. I would say that when Aksys sued Durus that that would have been a clear signal for the shareholders to take action also. There still may be some alternatives to addressing this. As I said before, it would be nice if the SEC could regain control of the excess shares that Durus owns and then give back to Aksys for them to place back into the market. Hopefully this stock and company will not be besieged by further illegal manipulation. I am sure that many investors have lost money in this story. Truly there is risks involved with any investment but when there is the intrusion of illegal manipulation then that is another matter.

    • Well, John I never claimed to be a world wide wiz like you are and I don't want to sue anyone, and I have never sued anyone in my life, I just simply asked a question. It is obvious on here that you are a loser if you ask a question. I invested, not my life savings, but enough so we would miss it. Even the person on here that only invested $10.00 has a right to an opinion and to be heard. Aren't you upset about the loss yourself? Didn't you work hard for that money? We did research on it, and so did a lot of other people. A great idea that just didn't get far enough off the ground to do anyone any good. It is still a great idea and I hope they get it to work. Sorry I don't come from the big city like you do and can afford to throw my money down the drain, but we work hard for our money and if the company goes down it isn't just poor unsophisticated me that is losing, it is you too and a bunch of other hard working people that didn't go out on the street with a cup to collect money to buy a stock so they could get rich. I understood from the beginning that it would take time for this machine to get out on the market, but I believe that the money has been spent poorly and I hope that it works out for aksy and some of these guys get a little of their money back.

    • Hey John, I'm not a suer either but there was a butt fucking here and it is not right for dickhead duras to retain his multi millions with a claim of oops.... the buy button stuck.

      He intentionally fucked us, deliberatly grabbed our hips and forcibly used no lube. Its the same as if he came into your house and did the same. Im not buying the dont play if you dont ahev the money line. He fucked us and needs to give it back.

    • I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but if your are as unsophisticated an investor as you claim to be this was certainly no place to put your money.
      I just get tired of everyone wanting to sue when things don't work out the way we want.

    • We have taken our loss like the rest of you, I just asked a simple question. I am not as knowledgeable as the rest of you and just thought I would ask, pardon me.

    • For What?? Take your losses like the rest of us.
      If you invest in a very speculative company, like we all did you should know the risks going in.
      If there was fraud involved, that's a different story. I lost my ass on Enron where there was tons of fraud and I don't expect to get a cent.

    • Can the shareholders sue the company for restituition? I don't know much about this, but I heard on television of a group of people who sued. Thanks

    • Birch didn't return my calls yesterday or today, though I know that he was in yesterday. It would have taken 5 minutes. It's obvious that he's avoiding the call. That, plus the fact that the issue I wanted to discuss should have been addressed in the delisting PR, leaves me unimpressed with this company. I think that it's eventually either getting delisted or will reverse split and/or get dilutive equity financing soon. It only has enough money to get into Q1 2006.

    • 10:1 Reverse Split and subsequent new share offering might be a possibility

    • I'm surprised that there's no discussion of this issue. AKSY is in danger of imminent delisting. If it is delisted, the price will take a big hit, and it will become subsequently less liquid as trading volume typically diminishes after many make their exit initially.

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      • At this moment in Aksys' history, does it matter much if Aksys is listed where it is now, with the small caps, or as pink sheets? I know each listing has a large difference in liquidity.

        For me, I plan to sit on my loosing investment since cashing out has little value other than the tax write off. I assume many investors (including stk_amtr per his 12/13 post) are the same as me. If we sit on this ivestment and have no plans to trade, would it matter which market has Aksys' listing?

        I think Aksys' price will remain very low as it is now regardless of where it is listed. It will take major news such as financing, a buy out, or real market penetration (profitability) to make the stock go up.


      • "If it is delisted, the price will take a big hit, and it will become subsequently less liquid as trading volume typically diminishes after many make their exit initially."

        the price will take a big hit? shoot, dude, that's already factored in.

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