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  • bullcall56 bullcall56 Jul 2, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Updated 43-101...Grey Fox

    Brigus Gold - Grey Fox resource of 507,400 indicated ounces and 228,600 inferred ounces

    "The updated resource estimate include: 31% increase in open pit indicated grade & 14% increase in underground indicated grade; Increase in underground ounces; Significant prospect for economic extraction."

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    • Yes, this looks like it turned the corner, in a very difficult environment to say the least. Management seems able to deliver, the company is growing production and increasing the resources and reserves. They bought back 4% of their future gold production from sandstorm. And I like the price, had started buying in the .60s, bought a bunch more the yesterday in the .40s. Gold and silver are the true safe havens. The Fed can't create those two metals out of thin air. The Fed will try to force down the gold price as low as they can, they are shaking the tree as hard as they can, and they are punishing us right here, but they are trying to save the world, so I guess it's OK. But they can only print money, that's really all they can do. And it won't work forever, eventually rates are going to rise, and inflation is going to start trickling in, then it will creep up, and it will be very tough on most folks. We got lots of advantages here in the USA, we got lots of energy resources, lots of agriculture, political stability, strong military, so we should fare better than most countries, but it will be brutal when the world currencies start going under.

      We should have followed our own constitution which states that gold and silver are the foundation of our legal tender. Do I have more faith in gold and silver, or the US Congress. I could bash our Congress, but that's too easy. OK, yeah they got a tough job, but they are doing a lousy job, that's what matters.