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  • jprp9 jprp9 Jun 9, 2003 3:29 PM Flag


    I have a truckload of HE and a substantial amount of ede.. thinking about gxp..

    Today's action among the three is interesting.. HE holding own to slightly positive.. EDE also doing well.. gxp off substantially.

    I understand your poition re tobacco on a moral standpoint. I manage for return.

    They critical point (one of them at least) of difference between HE and ede/gxp is the regulation aspect. HE is fully regulated and not really subject to meaningful competition, either on the rate side or on the cost side.
    my electric bill is adjusted each month to reflect changes in fuel costs. On the mainland, it is theoritically possible to generate in new england and deliver to ca. When an aluminum plant closes down, a lot of electric generating capacity hits the market. Likewise when a couple fire p again, a shortage occurs.. This gets very complicated. Likewise the translation of enegry cost into profits in a deregulated environment is also beyond my ability to calculate.
    Bottom line, coupon clippers, like me and my clients, look for stability and the fewest possible variables. I am digging into ede paperwork a bit deeper to try to get a handle on their regulatory environment. I think it is important. I think I've got HE nailed down. your comments re ede / regulatory environment would be appreciated.

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    • jprp9: I live in the area served by EDE (Southwest Missouri). Very regulated also. NW Arkansas and SW Missouri are booming growth areas and EDE is currently in discussions with the municipal utility in Springfield, MO to jointly build a new power plant. Very stable company with some growth prospects.

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