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  • bindlepete bindlepete Dec 19, 2005 10:38 AM Flag

    The Hunt is On

    The industries response to the collapse of the PUCA is starting to show. Here goes Constellation to FPL for God only knows how many bucks. Constellation the cash cow is going to slaughter.

    As for EDE it may be too samll for the bigger boys to notice as of yet since they have bigger fish to fry. But its day will come when some bleed them and run outfit get hungry and adventursome.

    It is too sweet a treat to survive the promises of some larger Enron type shark. I would almost bet the bid will come out of either Texas or the SW. They will try to pay in stock as it will end up without value. Just another little gift for the consolidation of wealth by the Republicans.

    Sell 'em all off and buy them all up before the hoarders get 'em.

    Kiss off America is the message.

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    • Sorry, I didn't mean to get ya ranting.

      I think that EDE's room for error is fairly samll. Any unexpected event of large proportions can put them behind the eight ball. Although this is probably true of any utility, EDE doesn't have the size to spread the loss around.

      Can you imagine what a hit EDE would take if a Taum Sauk reservoir event hit the like it did AEE? Ouch!

      I hope EDE does go up. I'm certainly not opposed to that. I just don't think it's going to rise fast anytime soon.

      I think that EDE is more likely to get bought out tnan grow hugely thru acquisitions or internal growth. However, I haven't seen EDE mentioned as being a takeover candidate.

      I do agree with you, the average guy probably shouldn't being doing his own investing. But what are you gonna do? It is a rigged game I think, but hopefully you can ride the tide, or take advantage of short term opportunity.

      The investing landscape has changed, and being a long term investor seems just as risky now as short term trading. Unless you're Warren Buffett have millions to ride out the bumps and don't really need the money anyway!

      Anyway, best wishes and Happy New Year.


    • What in the heck does all mean ? anything at all? Are you late on your meds?

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