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  • koko_28 koko_28 Dec 3, 1997 8:38 PM Flag


    Can you give me a good reason why I should Invest in this energy company?

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    • you buy the damn thing hoping you can sell the damn thing to a greater fool than you!
      you do something called research and determine that the damn thing is worth more than what you paid for it.
      ede is a good utility weve owned it for a year-got a good return-but it is small-small utilities attract attn from big uyilities and get bought, this is what will probably what will happed here in time--be patient!******************************

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      • Are you deaf? I am not, so please stop "Screaming". If you do not know what I mean, then pick yourself up a book regarding internet etiquette.
        I also find your nomdeplume replusive. Is that your attention seeking ego? If so, you have my negative attention and I'm not impressed. Why don't you find a more pleasant, non=invasive name? Are you afraid that if you don't shock someone, you won't acknowledged?
        thank you.
        This is a good stock, long term, hold, it will be bought out.

    • My family bought this back in the 60's. The return is good but the stock
      dropped from the 20's down to the low 17's. Suddenly in the last few weeks
      the price has started to go back up. Perhaps a takeover? It is
      a low cost producer and with utilities being bought up, perhaps
      that is the reason for the stock rise. I might buy a few shares on speculation.

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      • Zambell of Undiscovered Stocks selects it as her stock of the month, effective after the close 1/23/98. Watch how the price and the volume rise over the next few days. It pays about a 6.5-7% dividend, and she predicts a climb to about 28 in the next 2 years. Avoid buying until the excitement, and price, settles down in the next couple weeks. EDE serves a growing area of MO; i.e. the Branson region. If utilities are a safe haven in the near term, this may be a good one.

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