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  • MsCindyD MsCindyD Apr 19, 1998 5:16 PM Flag


    Is the the Empire District that is in Joplin, or are there Empire District's all over?

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    • You should encourage your in-laws to get a
      computer. All my kids and grandkids either have them or use
      a University one and we e-mail back and forth all
      the time. Much faster than regular mail. Even if you
      only e-mail, it is worth it. I keep track of my
      investments daily on it which I really like. By the way, my
      e-mail address is

    • We were there this summer (when it was 103
      degrees). The major electric company in Canby and Al's
      Greenhouse near Canby are owned by people in my wife's
      family. (They are the more wealthy members of the
      family.) In fact we called their last night to wish
      everyone a Merry Christmas.
      Small World. Thanks for
      replying. Mom and Pop are surprised I can do this E-mail
      thing so quickly.

    • I am very familiar with Canby. I lived in the
      Willamette Valley for almost 40 years. I now live on the
      east side of the Cascade mountains. I truly love
      living in Oregon and don't regret the decision to move
      here 50 years ago even if I do have relatives under
      every bush in Missouri and Kansas. I had a great
      Christmas with my family. Thanks for replying.

    • Even though they have been in Parsons 60+ years.
      He taught school at PArsons High for 38 years.
      Actually his brother, and thus the other half of his
      family live in Oregon. Do you know where Camby is?

      We have had a great Christmas here. Hope you did out
      on the West side...

    • And Merry Christmas to you and your family also.
      I used to have cousins in Parsons. Her name was
      Hattie, can't remember his name but he was station master
      there. Was in a wheel chair and was killed by a train
      (ironically). Thought he might remember him if he has lived
      there long. This was back in the forties. I have quite
      a few shares in EDE and watch it pretty closely. It
      did go up nicely this week. Since it is a small but
      strategic company I have wondered about a takeover. Glad to
      hear Joplin is growing. Seemed like everytime I went
      back there, it hadn't changed much. Springfield stole
      their thunder after the war. I also have quite a few
      shares in Western Resources which is in Kansas, but I
      have more faith in EDE. WR merged with Kansas City
      P&L. Lets hope we all gain by owning EDE. Again, happy

    • My pop-in law is in for the holidays. He is
      reading your messages abour EDE,. The reason he likes
      this stock is because of the growth Joplin and
      surrounding is experiencing. He thinks it also has a shot of
      being bought out by Kansas Power and Light. Other
      companies have shown interest. His cronies have told him it
      is a very safe investment that pays good dividends.

      And...Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays from OHIO...and

    • You are probably right...hiding low for awhile may not be a bad idea. Good luck You won't lose. In fact today you are one of the few gainers.

    • It looks to me like there's a lot of bullets
      flying around out there...I hope we can keep dodging
      them...I'm hunkering down...I'll take some of EDE's 6% for a
      while, with the potential upside of a takeover and try
      to lay low...and hopefully out of the line of
      fire...good luck on your investments...Red

    • Best wishes with your investments. Na...use the word is a good, American word. When/if I talk to people who have this stock I'll get back on this board.

    • It is interesting about the "mostly old guys". My
      brother was 83 when he died and was mostly in utilities.
      I am an old gal, 77, but my investments tend to be
      more, I hate to use the word specutlative, but more
      "adventurous" I guess. Two of my favorites are WCOM and LVLT.
      LVLT is a fairly new offshoot of Peter Kiewit Co. The
      CEO also developed MFS which was purchased by WCOM.
      My broker thought I should sell my EDE, because it
      isn't rated really high with one of the rating
      services. I have owned it for about a year and a half and
      it has increased in value very well so I think I
      will hang on to it and get rid of some of the other
      utilities. I am overloaded with them since my brother left
      them to me. Anyway, thanks for responding. Maybe we
      can get some other opinions. There must be more than
      just the two of us with computers.

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