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  • Faux_GTX Faux_GTX Jan 12, 1999 6:18 PM Flag

    Yes, there are stock holders out there.

    I have just signed on for e-mail and didn't have
    a clue there was this kind of communication out
    there. This is a small company and mostly locally owned.
    The large utillities have so many investors it would
    be much easier to have a bigger forum. Sorry for the
    lack of interest. Any thoughts of what de-regulation
    might have on a small mid-western electric company?

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    • Hadn't thought about that aspect. I will watch this again next quarter and see if it happens again. Thanks for your input. It did go back up some.

    • Might be due to selling by those who expect a dip
      after the dividend date. They get a long term gain vs.
      fully taxable dividend. Noticed this at the same point
      last quarter, which turned out to be a buying
      opportunity. So this time around I bought. Just a little for
      now... with the interest rate worries out there. Will
      buy more later to be in for the eventual buy-out.

    • Any opinions why EDE dropped so much today? All
      my other utilities were up. EDE usually doesn't go
      up or down more than about 1/16 to 1/4 or
      thereabouts. But today was a real shocker. If anyone has any
      ideas, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks

    • WR would be a natural candidate to buy out EDE.
      If I remember right they allready have a contract to
      sell power to EDE. WR is one of the names that has
      been brought up over the last 20 years in buy-out
      conversations. Actually they could probably buy EDE with their
      petty cash fund. The combination power plant should be
      a good thing for both. I can't see why not.

    • Welcome aboard. Glad you finally got "hooked up".
      Looking forward to "talking to you". I will say I made a
      mistake about my cousin being station master at Parsons.
      It was Angola! The old memory isn't what it used to
      be. But, then, what is? EDE took a little slide last
      Friday but the market looks pretty good this a.m. Two of
      my other stocks which took a dive Friday are up
      substantially today. Hope to see you on board.

    • Welcome aboard. As you can see this is probably
      the slowest board on the internet. I check it every
      day though "just in case". I assume you have read the
      posts on this board since it is such a short one.
      Piddler2 and I have gone to regular e-mail since we were
      the only ones who were doing anything on this board.
      If you live in the EDE area you may pick up on some
      information that we who don't might not hear. Would like to
      hear from you if you do. Glad to hear there is "life"
      out there.

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