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  • Any estimate on when this merger will be completed?

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    • I would agree with your end of year timeline.
      Recent merger history tells me that Missouri and Kansas
      will probably delay this deal for one reason or
      another. Throw in the St. Joe deal on top of that and
      you're looking at an early 2001 close. I hope that's not
      the case, but it's how I would handicap it.

      far as price goes - Hurray for Empire! I realize the
      stock has fallen, but take a look at utilities across
      the board. EDE got a GREAT deal for its shareholders
      - everyone knew that they would have to sell
      eventually. EDE needed to join a larger organization to 1)
      Obtain better economies of scale 2) Get a stock with a
      larger following and liquidity 3) Lower their cost of

      One person at Western Resources commented to me that
      Empire got a great price for the company. No doubt, WR
      also got a look at the books at EDE as well before the
      UCU transaction was announced. There's only so many
      possible matches in that geographic area.

    • You are correct in assuming that I have some
      knowledge of the stocks listed in my last post. Some
      knowledge does not make me an expert so take my comments
      for what they are worth. What I did say was that I
      had limited time to spend reading message boards
      which is why I have not responded sooner.

      AEE.......In my opinion, they suffer with the rest of the
      industry on stock price although their financial
      performance is not as strong as the leading utilities. I am
      not aware of any special operational problems that
      should cause shareholder concern. That is not to say
      that they have none. I know that they continue to
      struggle with the assimilation of CIPS. My general opinion
      of AEE is that they are still an old style utility
      that is behind the curve on emerging

      On UCU-EDE.........I don't know a great deal about
      the fine print of the agreement. I do know that UCU
      was paying a 39% premium in stock and cash at the
      announcement. Since that time, UCU stock price has dropped from
      $24 down to less than $17. It sure takes a lot of
      shares to make up for the difference and the eventual
      effective premium gets really big when prices recover. I
      think that the commission approval would not happen
      until late this year, at best.

    • You ask for the board to be cleared on
      non-relivant posts...It you requested

      You say
      you have some knowledge of this group of stocks. Why
      not share your insight.

      Make this the board
      what you demanded that it become. A place to share
      insight and gossip on utility stocks.

    • FYI - The Missouri PUC is going to look at these
      deals separately. Why they were going to combine them
      in the first place seemed strange. Anyway, Empire
      should have the hearings underway in August. This deal
      has had a long, long timeline. It's part of the
      reason I haven't paid much attention to it.

    • on a couple of utilities you are

      (1) AEE; Do you think their current price of 31 9/16
      is due to general ulitities problems or are their
      problems due to internal production problems at this

      Will they be able to sustain their current dividend
      for the next two years?

      (2) EDE-UCU; How will
      the current price of UCU at 18 3/16 effect the collar
      with EDE when they finalize their buy out.

      the buyout time table still probably going to be
      completed this fall?

    • You are right about "noise" on the chat boards
      and I understand that it is unavoidable. I don't mind
      a certain amount of it. This board was totally out
      of control and I just had to say something. If there
      is nothing new about EDE posted I would rather move
      on to something else and not watch the

      The ten companies I watch on the Sleuth are
      Ameren(AEE), Duke(DUK), Empire(EDE), Entergy(ETR), KCPL(KLT),
      MidAmerican Energy(MEC), Northern States Power(NSP), St
      Joseph L&P(SAJ), Utilicorp(UCU), and Western
      Resources(WR). All of these companies are either actively
      involved in a merger, just had one fall apart, or are
      likely to be involved in a future merger. Of course,
      these aren't the only ones that are interesting to
      watch but I only have ten spots on Sleuth and a limited
      amount of time to spend following them.

    • I also would like to see something EDE related
      posted. However, I would also guess you get all kinds of
      "noise" w/company sleuth. That's the nature of chat
      boards. What I find interesting is seeing what other
      names people are watching are following on different

      Are you following mergers w/collars...mergers in the
      utility sector?

      Just curious,

    • What you fail to understand about my request to
      stay on subject is that I have a specific reason for
      going to the EDE board. A flag goes up in my Company
      Sleuth e-mail when there is something new on the EDE
      Yahoo boards (I also look at a number of other all takes time to checkout). It is really
      disappointing to think you are going to see EDE posts when all
      that is there is cryptic giberish that has nothing to
      do with EDE.

      It could be that what you post
      is brilliant stuff, but I am not interested. My time
      is too valuable to me to waste it trying to figure
      out what someone that I don't know thinks about
      stocks that I know nothing about.

      accepted. Good luck with your trading.

    • My apologies for the name-calling. I really am at
      a complete loss to understand why folks wouldn't
      want to hear about other merger opportunities in
      addition to EDE but at the very least I should respect
      your wishes. This is my final note on this

      Good luck with your investments.

    • Go to the link listed earlier for an existing
      club which we've gone to. Frankly, I have no
      understanding of the mindset of someone who wants this as a
      'clear board', but stupidity exists in all shapes and

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