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  • realshazard realshazard Jun 14, 2013 7:03 AM Flag

    so if trailing ebitda is $38 . . .

    $38 - $15 interest - $11 capitalized lease - $7 stock comp - $5 capex = 0

    So what is $0 worth? I can tell you this, it's not worth the face value of the debt. Equity is a $0 too. Unitard is a cash hog with no cash. Bondholders might have to accept 20-30% haircut.

    Rocco and the CFO stood up in front of investors in NY on 3/19 and promised $50 2012 ebitda. He had no idea what was going on at that point? That is not credible.

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    • Sigh.. You are at it again..... and -- as usual -- you are wrong. Again, I recommend reading before you spew bile and defamation around you.

      For instance, although I am not clear on who you are referring to in your tirade,but, for sure Unitek Global Services representatives did not stand up "...up in front of investors in NY on 3/19 and promised $50 2012 ebitda" The conference that I think you are referring to was in California (you would have known this if you cared to read,) and most certainly, nobody stood up and promised $50. In fact, any representations made in the conference in California were made using the usual safe-harbor language.

      I did notice that you have throttled back on you defamation recently, which is probably a good thing, but, still, I urge you -- for the sake of yourself and Unitek Global Services -- stop it altogether.

    • Consider this: Moody's rated the revolver, the first $75 of loans, as junk.

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