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  • rockyr550 rockyr550 Jul 24, 2013 9:29 PM Flag

    need to say

    I just resigned from the Unitek conglomerate of companies so you may think my message is biased but I felt the need to say it. After months of waiting for a reason to stay they never provided an answer .The oppression in the office was so heavy that I almost cried from relief when I finally turned in my walking papers. I have met the “Fab 5 from UPS” as we like to call them and although they seem to be nice people I don’t think they have what it takes to run a company like Unitek Global Services.
    If I heard one of them say “ this is how UPS does it” one more time I think my head would have exploded. The bureaucratic nonsense they have brought to the company is acting like a huge anchor. They don’t seem to understand that their processes are causing them to lose business. They do not have the ability to move fast. Although they think they do because being from UPS they are never wrong.
    By hiring all the C positions from outside the industry I think Rocky has doomed the company. Instead of people who know the business he has a bunch of big brown yes men. I hope I’m wrong because there are a lot of good people working across the country.
    One more thing what is up with Michael O’Donnell is it true he is an Enron Flunky. Good god!

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