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  • stockexpertpro stockexpertpro Jul 30, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    These Sellers are DUMBER THEN HELL Stocks Trading HALF its BOOK VALUE IDIOTS


    Take these stupid idiots shares away from them like taking candy from a baby ANYONE Selling out at these prices is clearly Stupid and Dumber and Hell

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Sockexpertpro,

      Disregarding Realshazard's usual pseudo-scientific answer, yes, the market capitalization is really low, so you could wonder why there are any selling. I can imagine two reasons:

      (1) If you bought at the bottom (at between $1 and $1.25,) then $1.91 constitutes a very nice return, and, therefore, a good argument could be made for taking the money and run.

      (2) The restatement will be ugly (consider, for instance, that on top of the direct "fraud" revenue restatement there is probably going to be revenue restatement and asset restatement related to intangibles and goodwill,) and although the market should react positively on the fundamental fact that after the restatement the entire fact is behind us, one can never truly tell what kind of reaction the headlines will cause (consider the difference between "Unitek finishes planned restatement and returns to work" and "Unitek revenues drop $50 million.")

      An interesting point is that the BID/ASK activity is highly asymmetrical right now. There are far more (factors more, in fact) BID activity than ASK activity. However, the BID activity is not crazy price activity -- in fact it is very disciplined, indicating that it is mostly one large buyer.

      Hope this helps.



    • book is all fluff . . . negative tangible book value. more debt than assets.