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  • realshazard realshazard Aug 22, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    so the auditor was in on the fraud

    the cfo, the controller, the division head, and six other people . . . and now the auditor. this is bad. no wonder untek can't find any investors.

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    • or maybe untk just wants to drag out the restatements. or maybe it wants to blame the auditor for its own mistatements. after all current management signed the sept qtr earnings

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      • Ah Realsh...,

        You are back and spewing innuendos and slander as usual.

        Although, it is a complete waster of time, let me just establish the facts: 1) the purported fraud has not been proven in any court of law, 2) the company has not named the CFO or the auditor or the Controller or, for that matter, six other people as suspect of fraud. This is just your typical nonsense.

        And... sigh... the restatements are not dragged out. They are actually completed. And mistatements?" What is that? I am not familiar with the word and I am certain it is not an accounting term (on that note, no, the management did not sign the "sept. qtr earnings," whatever that is -- are you perhaps referring to the 10Q filing for the third quarter of the 2012 fiscal year?)

        So, the reality is that the restatement is done, and that the company demanded answers from their auditors. I am supportive of both actions, and if the auditor decides that they want to leave in the middle of this, then I say that that is the prerogative. So, what is your problem with this?

        You have been writing your junk for close to a year now. It is generally ill-informed and stupid, so why keep it up? I mean, you have been accusing everyone of fraud, you have yelled bankruptcy , and you have even attempted to imply that there is something fishy with the shares. Come on. Move on.

        Here is the reality (which, for some reason, you don't like): 1) the restatement is complete and it was not huge, 2) the company is moving forward and it did not lose its largest customer, and 3) the only issues are how the earnings for 2013 is affected by the situation and any loss of business *and* how much distraction the lawsuits are going to be before they are dismissed..

        It's over. Get over it.