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  • per_a.jacobsen per_a.jacobsen Aug 27, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    Here we go again


    So another irrelevant disclosure, tearing the price down 30 to 40 cents, and giving the third opportunity to make 25% to 50% return in a couple of days.

    I am not a trader, but I allow myself to admire the predictability of it all.... buy on almost any news and recognize 25% gain in a week or so. It's like an ATM for traders.

    Ok, just for the record. The Nasdaq letter was not unexpected. The delay in 10Q filings were not unexpected.



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    • Hey how's that opportunity to make 25-50% in a couple days working for you? (Your words) So it should be at around $2 or more now?
      Great call! Your crystal ball needs a little Windex to clear it up a little for you. Or maybe a change in your cheer-leading outfit.

    • since the spread is so large usually and the volume so thin, it is impossible for anyone to make money trading on news in this stock. This stock is like a roach motel: you can get in, but can't get out (at least for now that is)

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      • Fiberbull,

        With all due respect, I disagree.

        While it is true that as a short term trader, you will have trouble operating in this environment, the equity has clearly demonstrated solid runs up, interrupted by drops on non-significant news. Each of these cycles have yielded plenty of up and down opportunity, and I will say that you could reasonably have doubled your money over the last years -- twice.

        The key is to understand that this is not a short term (as in swing or day) trade, but rather an investment (or trade) with an indeterminable time-horizon.

        Of course with the volatility/volume profile of today all bets are off (as it is for any other equity,) but ultimately this is a $500 million company with strong margins. No amount of letters back and forth between lawyers is going to change this, I think.