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  • zescrowman zescrowman Sep 29, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    Since the price collapsed have any hedge funds

    taken a significant long position ??

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    • or institutions, mutual funds, etc. ??

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      • Zescrowman,

        That is a good question, and the answer is that we don't know, since events have moved faster than the filings.

        The latest filings were for the June 2013 quarter, and showed a huge drop in institutional interest (something like 50%, I think.) However, by way of reference, this was the quarter where the 10K delay and associated fraud was announced and there were was no good news whatsoever (and, also, it was the quarter where the predatory law firms started their macabre dance for clients -- a process that I think you understand quite well.)

        In contrast, the current quarter has been all good news, with the restatement happening (and being minor,) the refinancing of the revolver and the term loan locking in, and the largest contract being re-established.

        We have seen some volume spikes that would be indicative of institutional interest -- most notably a half million shares spike on the day after the announcement of the refinancing of the revolver, so, yes, I think that there has been an influx of institutional money in this quarter (albeit, I think, still less than the outflow in the previous quarter.)

        I liked your question because it caused me to remember that all this stuff (disaster to OK) has happened over such an incredibly short period - only two quarters, which I think we tend to forget.

        The new filings should be available soon, and, so, you will have your answer, for sure.



    • yes . . . in the debt. and then in the equity, via a 1c exchange. 1c. $.01. .0093c Canadian.