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  • anotheralias666 anotheralias666 Oct 11, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Another set of fake accounts

    trenchlight = blur19681968 = jpluto100 = realshazard = uhistory

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    • I have nothing to do with the other accounts. I don't really know much about Unitek. I'm just a 45 year old cable splicer. In the early 90's I worked in a company with Scott Hice. I remember we were going to lose our contract with Comcast and it looked dire. Scott went into a meeting to get a reaming and probable firing. He came out of the meeting with triple the work. I wasn't at the meeting personally but twenty years later I still remember my supervisors amazement. I met Scott a couple of times and never liked him, he was the gung ho sales type and I just can't relate. That day though I realized how important the sales guys are. I'm just wondering why Unitek doesn't have a non-compete with Scott. Getting rid of a guy like him without one is suicide.
      I do very little investing, is there any way to take financial advantage of any downside in this company. I am assuming that it can't be shorted. Thanks.