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  • glxwire glxwire Jun 18, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    Aetrex just launched a new site

    Aetrex just launched a new site and added new styles and colors

    Once Aetrex sells the shoes GTX collects $35 per month per pair, and GTX shipped 4,500 devices to Aetrex, so do the math…

    Don’t be so quick to call this a dud, probably more like a soft launch that now looks to be picking up steam.

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    • IMO, the monthly subscription run rate is $35/mo is ~ $20/mo too high. If 2 or more in a single sale (a school, for example) or multiple pairs per family w/ all monitored on a single account site s/b $10/mo (max).

      Also, GTXO needs to LICENSE to ANY shoe company - Nike, Reebock, andy dress show manufacturer, bookbag maker, bicycle maker, lap-top or magnetic auto tracker, dog-coller, cell-phone and make $50/shoe or application for the "smart parts" and sell the blade holder at cost or slightly over and make $10-$15/mo for every subscription tracked.

      This is a great concept w/ unlimited potential if marketed correctly.
      It certainly has not been marketed correctly IMO.

      rex A

    • are you pennystocks also? female from west palm beach...coincidental? both profiles I can understand if you are a regular investor but you have made yourself known as a glx/pr person who promotes several companies through glx? why hide your profile when you work at a company that is publicized?

    • if you are part of glx and are known to promote gtxo why is you profile hidden?

    • this sux!

    • why does it cost so much to produce the shoe? can you tell me that? can you find out that info for me? how much does the device in the shoe cost to produce? when is that price come down? they should be making more off the this rate it cant even pay for anything. They would have to sell alot more to cover anything.....why isnt anything being made off the monitoring of the mnx shipments? or has that been cancelled altogether?

    • Here's the math

      they appear to be selling at a rate of 100/month which means after a year they will only have sold 1,200 therefore only $42,000 a month. Lets say they clear 50% after cost of providing the service, $21,000. With attrition etc, they will probably be closer to $15k a month in profit.

      Nowhere even close to profitability.

      I wish I could have spent $15 million to develop $15k a month in profit. 1/10 of 1% return on investment. Wow!

    • I quit posting for a while because I realized I was getting too hostile. I was too hostile again on my reply to you. I apologize for calling you stupid. You are just the messenger.

    • God, you're stupid. That last shipment was for show. I doubt if it fooled anyone except you. No new orders for devices and little shoe sales. You do the math. You might want to start demanding dollars for compensation rather than soon-to-be-worthless stock.

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      • so why are you still here al? you've been here a long time. Just gonna have to wait for next cc and other news. Hopefully some kind of coverage in insurance,especially long care help monitor the elderly in assisted living facilities. I imagine it might cut down on liability insurance down the road. Does anybody have a number on liability insurance for alf's for patients/members getting hurt from disappearing or getting lost?

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