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  • user988200 user988200 Aug 15, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    At todays conference

    If Novatel talks about licensing and the large potential to licesne their tech to a wide range of companies the stock should really start to move rapidly. For over 10 years their retail products have been great but never generate enough bottom line. Licensing revenue is gold and especially for a company that can get a 1$ eps by just having about 35 million drop to the bottom line. Just an opinion

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    • Be nice! Been waiting a long time to get back to basis. Only need a couple dollars more in price to get there.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Market Strategy

      Mobile Computing

      MiFi Mobile Hotspot available across
      the three major U.S. carriers

      Advancement of Product Category

      MiFi Technology Platform brings Innovation and
      Enables New Use Cases such as Connected
      Home and Connected Car

      into new markets


      Deep Vertical Market Approach with new innovative solutions

      Bringing CDMA and HSPA into M2M Portfolio

      Mobile Tracking Platforms

      Fixed Telemetry

      Embedded Platforms

      Tracking Platforms

      Devices integrated with our Service Enablement Software Platform for easy
      deployment and management

      Sentiment: Strong Buy