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  • wallstreetbuyer wallstreetbuyer Aug 30, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

    Time to load with one question

    Got 50% what I want. Enough correction, some chart indicators already show over sold. Fundamentally business very strong, as a matter of the fact it is too strong that caused the supply delay...... Good problem, should be easy to solve.

    One interesting question, last cc it said cash 59 millions and this recent Qr cc said same thing, cash 59 millions. Didn't they just lost couple of millions? If their cash not going down with negative earning, what will happen with break-even or profitable Qr? Maybe this is another reason to buy this stock, magic money management :)

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    • as it is now NVTL is not going to rally again in any meaningful way. It was too low when it was under 1.50 and got ahead of itself when it went to over 4.00.

      Bottom line is NVTL has been a money losing company for a long time now and its balance sheet has been steadily deteriorating. They need to start making money. Their margins are nowhere near good enough and I'm not sure they can improve them in a big way.

      They need a new product (that actually has big sales and good margins) or sell the company. I'm not sure they will sell because Peter is such a poor businessman that he will be out of a job and is unlikely to get a new one, He will ride this into the ground and collect his paycheck along the way.

      I think the only way to play NVTL is to trade it. Buy the dips and hopefully sell into rallies.

    • Novatel has been carrying millions of dollars in cash for many years. Does anyone know where all this cash came from? Just curious.

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      • Check for accuracy going from memory..stock was in the 20s and did an addon offering and raised about 100 million or more..another stock float was down to about 11 million shares after a reverse split years ago and now after all the stock options over the past years its back over 30 million...again going from memory check for accuracy...looks like this is a perfect example of a company that benefitted in a huge way from being public. I could almost guess if all bonuses were added up since inception it may equal the current market cap.other than day traders it does not appear that it ever accomplished anything as far as shareholder equity. I do feel their products have been great and thats were the disgust lies..they appear to have no pressure to produce income..just brag about products for over 10 years and thats it...